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Bomonti XPS Manufacturing Line


Spare Parts for Defense Industry

Bomonti pays great attention to follow national and international laws, NATO regulations and military quality standards to manufacture the highest quality products at an optimum price for the armed forces and private sector, in time and within budget requested by our Clients.

Insulation Materials

Commercial & Residential Insulation; Fiber-glass Wool, Mineral Wool, Blow-in Insulation, Foil Tapes, Insulation Boards & many more. Specialized in private label orders, always delivering on-time with highest standards. Bomonti has been working with major home-improvement stores in the United States, providing them with private-label high standard insulation materials at an excellent cost.

Non-Woven Fabric

Bomonti non-woven fabric can be used with blow-in fiber glass insulation as well as for protection during any type of project including agriculture purposes. Capable of manufacturing in any required base weight and dimensions. Bomonti non-woven fabrics can be found at your nearest Menards Store.

Personal Care & Household Cleaning Products

Air Fresheners, Window Cleaners, Toilet Bowl Cleaners, Floor Cleaners, Bleach, Liquid Soap, Kitchen Soap, Bath Soap & Trash Bags. Besides our own brands, Bomonti has been succesfully manufacturing private label products for some of the largest retail chains all around the world. Being able to manufacture cost-effective organic cleaning products, is what separates Bomonti from its competitors.

Essential Oils

Bomonti Essential Oils are acquired from the aromatic parts of the plant like leaves, bark and root via distillation method. The studies reached in different researches verified the effectiveness of the antibacterial property of the essential oils especially on the antibiotic resistant bacteria. In Addition, there also food preserving, bug repellant, antiviral, anti-fungal, and antioxidant properties of the essential oils.

Natural Hand-Made Soaps

100% Hand-Made in Turkey with local traditions. All made with natural ingredients. Each one with specific health and skin benefits. Extensive list of varieties to choose from including but not limited to; Rosemary Soap, Coconut Soap, SeaWeed Soap, Charcoal Soap, Nettle Soap & Almond Soap.

Bris - Toilet Cleaning Balls

Bris provides clean, bright and pleasant long lasting scent in your bathroom. It's rich foam prevents calcification, cleans the dirt produced by the microbes and helps the toilet to remain brighter. Provides extra hygiene with its extra cleaning power formula.

The Gourmet Line

Bomonti's The Gourmet Line is produced from carefully selected ingredients in a completely computer controlled integrated manufacturing facilities and it is presented to costumers' taste all over the world.

Plastic Bags

Recycled T-shirt Bags, Thank-You Bags, Smile-Face Bags, Christmas Bags, Promotional Bags, etc. Bomonti has been manufacturing private-label t-shirt bags to be used in major grocery chain stores as well as major retailers all around the world. Bomonti bags are made in Turkey, helping us to offer lower prices due to low raw material cost.

About us

Bomonti and it's subsidiaries have been serving the industry since 1980s and became the key player in the industry by implementing the latest technological innovations to its manufacturing facilities, which now covers over 120,000m2 of closed area.

Being an extremely consumer-focused company, helped gaining insider information on manufacturing custom-tailor products that meets specific consumer requirements.

Bomonti supplies finished products as well as semi-finished products to variety of companies in various industries. Bomonti and its subsidiaries currently export to over 60 countries including but not limited to USA, Canada & Mexico.

Bomonti is dedicated to provide highest quality & affordable products with an upmost consumer-focused way.

Bomonti Approach