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Bomonti, LLC. became one of the leading private label household cleaning product manufacturers by putting the consumers first through conducting various market researches to find out what truly consumers want.

Working with major players in the industry helped Bomonti to gain incredible consumer insight, which at the end helped developing products that are higher standards than the leading brands, if not the same. Our expertise in formulations and with our top of the line high-speed filling capabilities, make Bomonti an ideal business partner for any type of household product manufacturing needs you may have.

Bomonti, LLC. acts as of your own manufacturing plant by working with you from start to finish up until you are completely satisfied with your product. Many prefers Bomonti, LLC to manufacture existing product lines, while some prefers using Bomonti, LLC. for their new and innovative products. We are proud to offer environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning products as well as personal care items to our clients. Bomonti, LLC. is known to pay extra attention for green manufacturing.

Bomonti Personal Care & Household Cleaning Product List

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Personal Care & Household Cleaning Products Include:


ShampooBomonti shampoo is the best shampoo out there for anyone suffering with the problem of dry hair. It perfectly moisturizes the hair to just the right amount and removes all dirt as well. This is the best shampoo if you want luxuriously soft hair which will make everyone envious.

Shower Gel

Bomonti shower gels have quite a wide range of fragrances to choose from, namely, Sweet Peach, Milky Strawberry, Hot Chocolate, and Vanilla Pudding, which suits all skin types. It is a great shower gel to increase the softness of your skin, giving you a younger look and feel.

Liquid Hand Soap

Liquid Hand SoapBomonti Liquid Hand Soap is the best liquid hand soap in the market. It is available in four fragrances, raspberry, lavender, mint, and olive oil. It has an extra glycerine formula which takes great care of your hands, making them look refreshed and soft.

Foam Hand Soap

Washing hands is important, Bomonti makes the best foam hand soap with the Bomonti Foam Hand Soap. The glycerine formula in the hand soap ensures that your skin is taken care of. It also ensures that your hands are never dry after you wash your hands. It is available in two fragrances, lavender and orchid.

Window Cleaner

Window CleanerEveryone likes clean windows. Bomonti Window Cleaner is the best window cleaner in the industry. It is quick and practical in action and can be used on glass surfaces, ceramic surfaces, chandeliers, tiles, windows, mirrors, and chinaware. It can also be used to clean out the surfaces in the car.

Kitchen Cleaner

Kitchen CleanerBomonti Kitchen cleaner is the most powerful cleaning liquid in the market. Removes stains and grease marks on the counters and appliances. Provides shiny and clean look in your kitchen.

All Purpose Cleaner

All Purpose CleanerBomonti All Purpose Cleaner is quite an economic cleaner. It removes all the tough greases and grimes. It provides quite a superior shine and finish to the tiles, counters and appliances. Perfect for kitchen, bathroom and appliance cleaning.

Dishwashing Liquid Soap

Bomonti Dishwasher Detergent Sample

Bomonti Dishwashing liquid is the most powerful dishwashing liquid soap. It is available in four different fragrances, namely mint, strawberry, lemon and apple. It is gentle to use and is quite soft on the hands as well. It is quite a useful product in kitchen cleaning.


Bomonti BleachWith its extreme powerful, Bomonti Bleach is the best fabric bleach in the market. Bomonti Bleach is a liquid cleansing and disinfectant. The guarantee of perfect cleanliness and disposal of all bacteria, yeasts and fungi.  Perfect for kitchen, bathroom cleaning or washing white clothes.

Furniture Polish

Furniture PolishBomonti Furniture Polish is the best furniture polisher in the industry, with its patented formula which contains cleansing conditioners. It protects the furniture in our homes and offices from ordinary wear, water spills, and stains.


Bomonti Ocean AIr-FreshenerBomonti Automatic Spray air freshener comes in quite handy when using it in homes, offices, and cars. It is the best automatic spray in the industry and provides a variety of fragrances to choose from, namely Lilac Gard, Red Rose, Anti-Tobacco, Ocean Breeze, and Exclusive Orchid. Just within a few seconds, the fragrance covers the entire area of the room and gives a long-lasting effect.

Insect Repellent

Insect RepellentThe musquitos and other insects are quite irksome in homes and offices. The Bomonti Insect Repellent is the best insect repellent in the market, with its immediate and strong effect. The effect lasts for weeks and also prevents the entry of new cockroaches in living and working environments.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Bomonti Toilet Bowl CleanerThe Bomonti Toilet Bowl Cleaner Block is an ideal choice. It is the best smell cleaner block that suppresses the smells in the washrooms and toilets, leaving behind a pleasant smell for a fresher experience every time. Bomonti's Cleaner Block releases an adequate amount of fragrance each time it is used and does not overdo its part like many brands. It does not cause suffocation when it is used multiple times.

Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Liquid Toilet CleanerThe Bomonti Toilet Bowl Liquid Cleaner was designed and developed keeping the thought of clean and pleasant bathrooms in mind. It is the best WC Toilet Cleaner, with an equal amount of product release at every flush. It is one of the highest performing products in the market.

Wet Wipes

Wet WipesWet wipes are used all over the world by people to instantly refresh their skin. Bomonti makes some of the softest body cleaning wet wipes in various packagings, ranging from ones that contain 15 wet wipes to bigger packs containing 120 wet wipes, for all kinds of usage and purposes.

Laundry Detergent

Laundry DetergentBomonti Liquid Detergent is a premium detergent. It is free from dyes, chlorine, phosphates, and optical brighteners. It is available in lavender and also in an odourless variant. It is the first bio-based detergent in the market. It can be used both for machine wash and hand wash. Just with a small amount, it can wash a huge load of clothes; it is very economic.

Urinal Cleaning Balls

Bomonti's Naphthalene Balls is the best smell cleaner available today. It efficiently suppresses all the bad smells and leaves behind a pleasant smell instead. It can be used in urinals as well as in sinks, thus providing a nice alternative to the usual smell in these places.

Fabric Softener

With its long lasting freshness, Bomonti Fabric Softner is the best fabric softner in the market. It helps reduce the wrinkles in the clothes. It keeps the colours of the clothes bright and also provides a superior softness to them. It also removes some of the lighter stains and grease marks on the clothes.

MakeUp Remover Wipes

Women often prefer to remove their makeup before going to bed. This can be a tough job since it has to be done delicately so as not to irritate the skin. Bomonti makeup remover wipes have made this easier. These are some of the softest makeup remover wipes that you will ever find.

Surface Cleaning Wipes

Bomonti Surface Cleaning Wipes are the best surface cleaning wipes in the market. They serve many purposes and are ideal for cleaning all surfaces, be it wood, steel or rubber. They are easy to use, and thus, very beneficial in helping you keep your surrounding clean.

Intim Wipes

Bomonti Intim Wipes are the ideal choice for the best intim wipes which are the most delicate. They keep the genital area clean, with the help of the special formula in them which contains glycerine. It is quite hygenic. Bomonti's Intim Wipes are effective even against infections.

Nail Polish Remover Wipes

Gone are the days for nail polish removing spirits. Now, we have Bomonti Nail Polish Remover Wipes, which are quite efficient nail polish removers. They are quite a practical product that will revolutionize the nail care industry. You do not have to fudge or look around for a place to remove your nail paint. Just take out a wipe and do it on the go.

Travel Wet Wipes

Bomonti Travel Wet Wipes come quite in handy when you are on trips. They help you remain fresh and, at the same time, comfort your skin as well. Bomonti Travel Wipes are the best in the industry with their offering of antibacterial travel wet wipes, which are safe for use by both adults and children.

Baby Wet Wipes

Baby Wet WipesBomonti Baby Wipes are alcohol-free and quite hygenic. These great baby wipes are the best choice because they are silky, soft, smooth, made out of thick sheets, hygenic, and contain a mild lotion which will clean and moisturize the baby's skin.

Classic Menthol Handkerchief

Bomonti Classic Menthol Handkerchief allows you to have instant refreshness on the go. The pack has 10 pieces in it, and it is the best classic menthol handkerchief in the market right now. It is available in two variants for a leafy and windy effect.

Adult Diapers

People above a certain age feel the need for using adult diapers, which is why Bomonti Adult Diapers come in quite handy. They are quality adult diapers with soft material for maximum comfort, wetness indicator, super-absorbent microbeads and curved leg elastics.


Bomonti Underpads provide maximum protection from bacterial infections. It is the best underpad in the market, providing a super leakage absorbance and help to reduce the odors. They can be used on any surface including but not limited to beds and chairs. 

Baby Diapers

Bomonti Baby Diapers are the best baby diapers in the market, catering to the needs of the baby's comfort. They have super absorbent particles for a rapid and easy absorption of liquid. A special green layer in the diapers prevents all leakages. The diapers have stretchy tapes on the sides as well.

Cotton Tips

Cotton Q-TipsRemoval of earwax is one of the most essential means of practicing self hygiene. With their Cotton Buds, Bomonti addressed this issue, making the best cotton buds in the market. They are quite sturdy and can be used in makeup retouching, cosmetic purposes and home care as well.

Baby Cotton Tips

Bomonti Baby Cotton TipBabies have earwax too. But it cannot be removed with a regular cotton bud. This is why Bomonti makes the best baby cotton buds, the Bomonti Baby Cotton Buds, with specific attention for the baby care. They are made out of 100% cotton.

Cotton Pads

Cotton PadsBomonti Cotton Pads are the best cotton pads in the market. They are made out of 100% pure cotton and can be used for both personal and baby care. They are also helpful for medical purposes and removing makeup, with their fast absorbing cotton. 

Pure Cotton

Pure CottonCotton is used everyday for both personal and baby care, which is why Bomonti makes the best cotton, as indicated by their Bomonti Pure Cotton. It is an ideal choice for makeup removal and medical and surgical processes as well.

Baby Oil

baby oilBabies need their massages, which is why Bomonti makes Bomonti Baby Oil for this very purpose. It is the best baby oil in the market, with special attention given to its components so as to not irritate the very sensitive skin of your babies.

Baby Shampoo

baby shampooAdressing the hair issues right from the first day is important. This is why Bomonti makes the best baby shampoo, as can be seen in Bomonti Baby Shampoo. It has a delicate smell and offers gentle cleaning. The special formula of the shampoo makes it tear-free and its pH level is friendly to the skin as well.

Baby Lotion

baby creamBomonti Baby Lotion is specially designed, adhering to the sensitive skin of the babies. It is the best baby lotion in the market, with clincal proof for its formula that does not irritate the skin. Bomonti's Baby Lotion makes the baby's skin quite soft to touch and feel. Moisturizing of the skin is also an outstanding feature of this baby lotion.

Baby Cologne

Everyone wants their baby to smell good. This is why Bomonti makes the best baby cologne, the Bomonti Baby Cologne. It is specially designed and developed for the sensitive skin of a baby, making it perfect for a baby massage. Surely the baby is going to be pampered a lot with the baby cologne massages every other day.

After Shave Cologne

After ShaveShaving can be hazardous with the various cuts and bleeds it might cause. This is why Bomonti After Shave Cologne is the best after shave cologne in the market. It does not sting much and will provide you with a smooth shaving experience.

Men Body Deodorant

DeodarantBomonti Men Body Deodrant is the best deodrant in the market. It is available in two fragrences, Majesty and Close Up. It gives the wearer confidence and is suitable for all occasions like work or big dates. It provides protection from body odour for over 24 hours.

Hand & Body Cream

Hand CreamBomonti Hand & Body Cream has a triple active freshness formula with natural extracts. It is the best hand & body cream that protects your skin from dryness, making it look its best. As well as oily skin, its great for dry skin as well.

Flat Sponge

Flat SpongeBomonti Flat Sponge is made out of the best quality materials. It is the best flat sponge in the market, with its ability to be used on any surface. It does not leave any scratches and also leaves no odour. This sponge can also be used at homes to remove minor stains and grease marks.

Industrial Grooved Sponge

Bomonti Industrial Grooved Sponge is designed to protect your hands and nails. It is the best industrial grooved sponge in the market, providing the consumer with an easy way to wipe the dirt from non-stick cookware, countertops, or any other finished surface. The shape of the sponge makes it very easy to hold as well.

Grooved Sponge

Grooved SpongeBomonti Grooved Sponge is designed to protect your hands and nails. It is the best grooved sponge in the market, providing the consumer with an easy way to wipe the dirt from non-stick cookware, countertops, or any other finished surface. The shape of the sponge makes it very easy to hold as well.

Fiber Abrasive

SpongeThe Bomonti Fiber Abrasive is available with yellow and green variants. It is the best fiber abrasive which are used mainly to clean out the dirt marks on a heavier scale. Bomonti's Fiber Abrasive lasts long and has been proven strong against rust. It is also an efficient product to use if you wish to remove paint from some surface.

Vacumed Steel Scourer

Often, there are many surfaces which get stained with grease and dirt that does not go away with a regular sponge. The Bomonti Vacuumed Steel Scourer is the best vacuumed steel scourer in the market because of its long life and stainless characteristic. It is the ideal mesh for removing all the stubborn and dried up dirt marks.

Refrigerator Bag

For the freshest refrigerated food, you need the best refrigerator bags. Bomonti Refrigerator Bags protect the food from environmental factors such as bacteria or other pathogens. They prevent the food from going stale and emitting odour, also preserving the original taste and aroma of the food.

Cleaning Cloth

Cleaning ClothWith its customised size, weight, and colour, the Bomonti Cleaning Cloth is the best cleaning cloth that is available in the market today. It serves many purposes and is helpful in cleaning the pots, pans, sinks, and bathrooms. It does not abrase your hands and also protects your nails from scratches.

Super Durable Trash Bag

Trash BagWhile taking out the trash, there is often a spillage. With its drawstring to prevent the problem of spillage, the Bomonti Shirred Trash Bags are the best shirred trash bags that you can buy. They are waterproof and super durable. Also, they are resistant to tear and can be used in all places. The shirred trash bags are available in two fragrances, lavender and strawberry.

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