The Gourmet Line

Bomonti Gourmet Pasta Line


The Gourmet line, produced from carefully selected 100% perfect quality Durum wheat in a completely computer controlled integrated manufacturing facilities, is presented to customers’ taste.

Sunflower Oil

The Gourmet Line sunflower oil is produced using the best raw material, without compromising on quality standards and hygienic conditions and it is packaged with full automation system. The Gourmet Line offers the finest quality sunflower oil to its customers from the farm to the table.

Gourmet Line Sunflower Oil
Gourmet Line Cheese


Milk, as considered a miracle of life, is one of the necessities of a healthy human life. It is our priority to supply this miracle to our customers as a uniquely tasty cheese while preserving its natural qualities to contribute to their personal health.

Tuna Fish

Deep water fish enter the cold chain the moment they get caught. As the fish arrive at the facilities following the cold chain, all analysis and checks are completed by engineers before processing the fish.

Gourmet Line Tuna Fish
Gourmet Line Nuts

Dried Nuts & Fruits

Dried fruits and nuts are considered as a part of basic (staple) food category in our country and worldwide. The Gourmet Line offers these products in the safest and most hygienic way from the producers to your tables.


The biscuit manufacture is supervised by food engineers and food technicians, in hygienic environments bound by Turkish Food Codex. Regular product analysis are done by government laboratories to check and approve the compliances with the Turkish Food Codex.

Gourmet Line Cookies
Gourmet Line Tahini

Tahini & Sesame Seeds

Traditional but fully automated 3 lined factory that uses the traditional technology to manufacture tahini with capacity of 40 tons a day. We have huge experience in hummus making and tahini-based salads.

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